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Hybridize Your Cars, Trucks, Boats, Agriculture and Industrial Vehicles, and Help the Environment by Reducing CO2 Emission.

Established in 2013, based in United States, FBTech is bringing its patented technology into the market by using distilled water that reduces gas/fuel consumption and is eco-friendly.

FBTech manufactures all its products in United States, and is proud to introduce this amazing new fuel booster technology that helps hybridize all types of cars, trucks, boats and agricultural machinery and helps create hundreds of jobs in the United States. FBTech Fuel Booster Technology uses the power of Distilled water to increase MPG up to 25% along with the environmental benefit of reduced CO2 emissions. The results have been confirmed in a report by Bureau Veritas, one of the most respected neutral and objective international testing inspection and certification companies with 1330 location in 140 countries.

With this new technology you can enjoy the benefit of saving thousands of dollars on fuel costs while increasing the engine life expectancy of your vehicle. When it’s time to trade, simply transfer the Fuel Booster device to the new vehicles.