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At a time when fuel is large part of US household spending, FBTech has launched a technology that significantly reduces this expense with an environmentally friendly approach that causes Zero harm to vehicles.

Teams of technicians have worked collaboratively to develop a kit that, when positioned upstream of the engine, will reduce fuel consumption (diesel oil, gasoline and LPG). It will also minimize the noise and the harmful emissions that pollute the environment.

FBTech’s groundbreaking technology makes it possible to save up to 25% on fuel consumption depending on the type of engine. It also extends engine life and enhances engine performance. It is installed externally on the exhaust pipe and requires no welding or changes to the vehicle’s mechanical or electrical systems or the vehicle’s body.

The Principles of FBTech Technology

Vehicles operate better in rain and ideally when there is mist. Based on this concept, our technology incorporates the use of a very small amount (50cl/600 miles) of previously ionized water vapor (demineralized) to improve engine efficiency and provide better torque.

The result is an internal combustion engine with a more homogeneous fuel mix and an increase in compression (a winning combination). This motion is identified and set by the vehicle itself automatically, which reduces the amount of fuel to be injected.