Frequently Asked Questions


How does FBTech system work?
The system injecting water vapor into the engine, cooling the engine, Improving the combustion significantly, reduces unburned pollutants that cause black smoke, NOx and CO2 release, which preserves the engine oil, the pistons and valves, reducing carbon deposits and thus lengthening engine life and reduces the fuel consumption.

Can the system negatively impact the engine?
Not at all. The kit can be installed without modification and damaging the original mechanic of the vehicles.

How much can I save by equipping my vehicle with an FBTech System?
The estimated savings will vary, depending on the vehicle and the traffic, it can be up to 25%.

When do I put water in the water tank?
There is a sticker on the tank which shows min. and max. water level, you check approximately every 500 miles on the roads but more frequently in the cities.

What happens if there is no more water in the water tank?
Your engine will slowly return to normal fuel consumption levels.

What happens if the water freezes? Will the engine stop?
The water tank will form an ice cube that will melt with the heat of the engine. The kit will work once the water has thawed. Avoid allowing water condensation to accumulate in the outgoing pipe, which elbows down. If this water freezes, the ice can clog the pipe and prevent proper functioning of the kit.

If the system does not function for any reason, the engine will continue to work and will not stop.

What happens if there is no more water in the water tank?
Your engine will slowly return to normal fuel consumption levels.

Will I risk voiding my vehicle’s warranty by installing the system?
The system does not affect the maintenance of your vehicle, in case of manufacturing warranty or lease, if you have a problem with your engine, it is strongly recommended that you remove the system before you take to the dealer to ensure that it does not affect your manufacturer’s warranty.

Does this system work on other types of engines?
The system works on any type of engines including, gas (petrol), diesel, LPG.   It can also be applied to agricultural machinery, heavy trucks, construction equipment, marine engines and more.

Is there a warranty?
A Limited warranty of 2 years locally and 1 year overseas applies if the system is installed by our trained technicians. We also have a liability insurance for our product to insure our product is safe to install on any type of engine and never cause any damage to your vehicles.