Components of FBTech System

  • A tank that fits in your car to store the distilled water. We use distilled water to avoid scale build up.
  • An adequate quantity of high quality silicone hoses.
  • Plastic cable ties and steel fittings to hold the components in place.
  • A small device (reactor), which heats the water and ionizes it. This item is fastened to the exhaust to utilize the waste heat from the engine to heat the water to turn it into vapor. This is then fed into the engine to aid the combustion process.
  • An inlet, which diffuses the water vapor into the air flow, exploiting the well-known Venturi effect.

Hybridize Your Car by Adding Distilled Water. For the low cost of FBTech’s technology product, you get:

  • Improved combustion of fuel injected into the engine
  • Same or Equal power at the same speed for less fuel
  • Fuel savings that is often as much as 25%
  • Reduced wear and tear on your engine and components, such as particulate filters, etc.
  • A dramatic reduction in emissions

We have the Product for:
Cars, Vans, Midsize Trucks, Heavy Trucks, Boats, Agriculture, Construction and Industrial Machinery