FBTech Technology

FBTech Technology
Hybridize vehicles by
Improving combustion of fuel injecting into the engine

• giving you similar power at the same speed for less fuel
• The fuel saving is often in the 20-25% range
• reduced wear and tear on your engine & components such as particulate filters
• and a dramatic reduction in emission

In a perfect situation, an engine needs a mixture of 14.7 parts of air to 1 part of fuel, measured by weight. This would result in all the fuel combining with all the oxygen in the air to get the most energy from the fuel. The problem is that most engines would overheat at this 14.7 to 1 ratio and would then seize up.

So engines are normally operated at a richer air to fuel ratio, with the excess fuel being used to cool the cylinder, but this results in unburned fuel, which translates as “poor fuel economy” or “poor fuel mileage”.

We use distilled water – which is much cheaper than petrol, diesel, LPG or any other fuel! – to provide the cooling. This also means that the engine can be run closer to the ideal ratio of 14.7:1. As water has a higher density and specific heat capacity than most fuels, much smaller volumes are required.